* Based on a typical day an average household will be looking at savings around 60-70%.

Tired of expensive energy bills?

We have the solution.

With our smart battery solutions you can save up to 85% of your electricity bill. Automatically managed by our cloud-based control system. Learn more which solution fits you the best.

What is Powernetic?

Powernetic is a smart battery solution that makes your day easier whilst saving money.

Powernetics solution is based on high capacity batteries. They are charged when electricity from the grid is cheap, and used when electricity is expensive.The energy companies of today offer different tariffs for night and day, as well as several other programs to try to manage the supply and demand during the days 24 hours. Powernetic helps stabilize the grid as well as lower your monthly costs with up to 85%.Further benefits are that in the case of a power cut you can run your property 100% on batteries.

Spara pengar med Powernetic

Our solutions are maintenance free. You can just sit back and relax, whilst the system automatically decides when to charge and when to run on batteries, all based on the electricity cost for the next 24 hours.With our app you can easiliy monitor and see the savings you made today, last week or previous month, since you installed Powernetic.

Powernetics batterilösning

Powernetic works for everyone that has an energy provider that has flexible rates. I.e. Octopus EV who has 4 hours during the night which is 75% cheaper than the other 20 hours. You do not need to have solar-panels for our solution to work, however if you already have solar-panels, you can of course connect them to our solution and store own produced energy as well.

Vem kan använda Powernetics batterilösning?

Which Powernetic solution is best for me?

The best solution for you depends on your energy consumption for your property. We have several standard packages but can also customize one to fit your specific needs. To learn which solution is best for you, please contact our sales team at sales@powernetic.co.uk Our packages starts from 4 995 GBP.

3 Batterier

‍5-15 kWh

4 Batterier

15-25 kWh

5 Batterier
Detached house

25-35 kWh

6 Batterier

35+ kWh

How much can you save?

Click below and let us contact you to look at your potential savings.

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See how much you are saving, in real time in our app.

When your system is installed and calibrated, you can just sit back and relax. Our system automatically optimizes your savings based on your behaviors.
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Powernetic – The details

Powernetics solution is based on 3 parts. Battery,Inverter and cloud based management tool.

Our batteries are manufactured with LiFePO4 cells. This is the safest batteries on the market. They are made of lithium, iron and phosphate. That makes them stronger and more durable than the typical lithium batteries. LiFePO4 has no fire hazard issues and can safely be used indoors.Each battery pack has a capacity of 5kWh. A typical terraced house is typically sufficient with 2-3 batteries. We can customize each installation to fit your current and future needs, or to extend with additional batteries in the future.

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Our inverters are top of the range from well known Dutch company Victron Energy. They have been selling world class solutions for battery based electricity solutions for years.The size of the inverter will depend on if you have 1 or 3 phase electricity to your property, as well as your consumption. We will, based on your needs decide which is the right one for your property. The inverter is included in your Powernetic solution when you order.

Växelriktare från Victron Energyblå linjer

Once your solution is installed the system will learn your “behavior”. It will learn when and how much electricity you consume. That information is the basis for calculating when and how much to charge the batteries so that we both keep your costs to a minimum and the battery life as long as possible. All our batteries comes with a 10 year warrantee from the factory.

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How much can I save?
To calculate your potential saving we review your situation in detail. We look at your consumption, your energy providers diff tariffs. We also have a tool to show how much you could have saved in 12 month, if you can provide your historical data to us.
What physical limitations are there?
Ideally the solution should be installed as close as possible to your incoming power from the grid. We can help to assess the best location, which usually is in the garage, washroom or even an outdoor cabinet.
Can I bring my Powernetic solution with me if I relocate?
Of course you can. An average installation takes around ½ a day so a move is an estimated 1 days work excl transport.
When can I have my solution? Whats the delivery time like?
Our competitive prices are based on custom orders to our factory. Therefor a typical order is 8-12 weeks from confirmation.
Is there a monthly charge?
When you buy our system you get 60 month included. Thereafter you can decide if you will manage your system manually, or continue to subscribe to our cloud based control system which is currently 19£ a month.
What is the benefit of Powernetic vs Solar panels?
There is many benefits vs solar panels.For example no visual changes to your property, not depending on the weather, fast return on investment and the list goes on.
I have an electrical car, is that an issue?
In most cases this is not an issue at all. We will inspect your fuse to see if it might need to be upgraded for running properly mainly with superchargers.
Is there any government fundings for battery based solutions?
At the moment there is no government fundings for this in the UK but we monitor this closely and if that changes we will be supporting you with your claim.
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